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Earn Interest

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Earn Interest
  • 6 types of Compound Interest Accounts
  • Interest payout of your choice: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Up to 18% per annum on major cryptocurrencies
  • Up to 24% per annum on USD, EUR, and GBP as stablecoins
  • Deposit or withdraw crypto at any time
  • No minimum deposit requirement
  • Fully insured crypto assets

Borrow Instantly

without Collateral Account soon
  • Instant Credit Line in crypto & stablecoins
  • No collateral account requirement
  • Interest earned on all your assets even when borrowing
  • Flexible repayment options & no fixed term of return
  • Negative Effective Annual Rates
  • No credit check & instant approval
  • No minimum crypto loan amount
  • No origination fees
Borrow Instantly

CoinDepo Crypto Credit Card

Use Instant Credit Line without selling your digital assets and earn crypto cashback.
It's credit, not debit!
  • Unique Credit Card for crypto & stablecoins
  • Unlimited crypto cashback up to 8% on every purchase
  • Metal / plastic / virtual cards
  • Flexible repayment options
  • No origination / monthly / annual fees
  • Accepted worldwide by 90M+ merchants
  • Payments in any local currencies
  • Apple & Google Pay integration
CoinDepo Credit Card

Zero Fees

We don't know what “fees” are. No fees at all.
CoinDepo CoinDepo
CoinDepo CoinDepo CoinDepo

Top-Level Security

for Your Digital Assets

The crypto savings stored by our customers are secured from cyberattacks, internal collusion, and human error with a multi-layer technology that combines the latest breakthroughs in MPC cryptography with hardware isolation.

CoinDepo CoinDepo
  • Security & Log In Alerts
  • Email Verification Code & 2FA
  • Withdrawal Confirmation & Security Hold
  • All crypto assets insured in storage, transfer, and E&O
  • MPC-CMP private key protection + Multi-сloud
  • Keys stored in SGX and encrypted
  • Policy Engine for crypto transactions
  • CCSS Level 3 & SSL Data Protection

CoinDepo Mission

We see our mission in bringing classical financial services to the world of crypto assets without borders or any restrictions.

We take existing banking products that everyone understands and reimagine them based on the latest technologies and the possibilities that they open.

We develop innovative digital finance products such as the world's first Instant Credit Line without collateral account and the world's first crypto and stablecoin microcredits.


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How CoinDepo Helps You to Earn Crypto

Introduction to Earning Crypto

People have always looked for ways to grow their wealth. The introduction of blockchain and cryptocurrencies presented new venues to earn crypto online both for serious investors and amateurs. Driven by pure trust in the amazing future of this new technology, they risked their funds in the hope of getting great returns. Although crypto earning opportunities were limited in the beginning, it did not stay that way.

Nowadays, anyone can earn crypto online without much knowledge or large crypto savings. For instance, investors use services such as CoinDepo to earn interest on crypto. This advantageous method to earn crypto appeared relatively recently and quickly gained recognition.

Unique Opportunities for Earning Crypto

There are several prominent ways to multiply your crypto funds. Some opportunities, such as trading, are riskier but possibly more rewarding. Crypto investing with platforms such as CoinDepo allows you to earn crypto passive income with zero risk but requires a little more patience.

Mining. Before the market offered opportunities to earn interest on crypto, this method was one of the most profitable and sought-after. To earn crypto online, individuals had to first invest a lot of funds into mining equipment to get good monetary rewards. It is still relevant today, but not as popular and rewarding.

Staking. As crypto developed, new crypto earning methods arose, staking being one of them. Instead of providing computing power, as in mining, crypto holders give (stake) their coins to make transactions and other processes possible on the blockchain. During the period their coins are frozen, they earn crypto as a reward.

Investing & Trading. One of the ways to increase your wealth is to invest in crypto and earn interest on crypto. This opportunity appeared not so long ago and you can earn crypto online by placing funds into crypto compound interest accounts.

Such accounts are offered by platforms such as CoinDepo. Crypto owners can take advantage of several different interest plans on CoinDepo to earn crypto profit. Crypto earning opportunities brought by CoinDepo Compound Interest Accounts mean that users do not have to actively trade. At the same time, crypto traders, instead of letting the platform worry about how to increase crypto funds, are themselves trying to use various strategies to buy and sell cryptocurrencies profitably.

Unique Opportunities for Earning Crypto
Advantages of the CoinDepo Platform for Earning Crypto

Although there are multiple ways one can earn crypto online, there is a more secure and rewarding way. CoinDepo, a crypto earn platform, offers an attractive chance to make a profit – you can entrust your funds to experts in the field and earn interest on crypto while they work behind the scenes and multiply these coins. There are several other reasons to go this way:

Security & Reliability. CoinDepo uses multiple next-generation security tools to keep your digital assets and data secure. In addition to Enterprise-grade Multi-layer Security, we partner with Fireblocks Inc., which was the first to get security, cloud, and privacy certificates from the International Organization for Standardization, to enhance the security and reliability of our platform.

User-Friendly Interface. We want everyone to have an opportunity to earn crypto, so we made sure that ordinary people can navigate our interface and the process with ease.

Zero Fees & Favorable Conditions. CoinDepo does not limit its users so they can earn interest on crypto as they prefer. Besides not requiring a minimum deposit, CoinDepo allows you to choose between six different Compound Interest Accounts with multiple payout periods. At the same time, the interest rates are at the highest level.

Testimonials and Recommendations

CoinDepo has hundreds of thousands of satisfied users who found its Compound Interest Accounts to be a perfect source of safe and stable passive income. Their satisfaction with the service and the returns they receive is seen from multiple positive reviews about the lucrative possibility to earn interest on crypto through CoinDepo.

In fact, many go a step further and use the referral program to invite their friends and colleagues to earn crypto. The Partner and Refer-a-Friend Program at CoinDepo are other crypto earning opportunities that bring great rewards to those who want others also earn crypto online without much effort.

How to Start Earning Crypto Interest on CoinDepo

To take advantage of CoinDepo crypto earning opportunities, you need to open an account on the platform.

How to Start Earning Crypto Interest on CoinDepo

1. Navigate to the Sign Up button on the official website and enter your email address and create a strong password;

2. Check your email for a message from CoinDepo to verify your email address;

3. If you want to remove the deposit and withdrawal limits, please enter basic data about yourself to complete Identity Verification;

4. Set up a Compound Interest Account or multiple accounts with different cryptocurrencies/stablecoins and payout periods;

5. Deposit funds to your account (no fees or minimal requirements), so you can earn interest on crypto as soon as possible;

6. Withdraw your profits or redeposit them to increase your returns.

As you can see, it does not take much time or financial knowledge to earn crypto online. The hardest step here is to determine if you want to go a safer route with stablecoins or risk a bit and have a chance to not only earn crypto interest but also benefit from possible price increases. You also need to choose how often you want to receive returns as you earn interest on crypto.

Tips and Strategies for Maximizing Earnings

It is always great to receive guaranteed passive income. When you choose CoinDepo to earn crypto online, there are two strategies that will help you get the highest returns.

Be More Patient to Boost Crypto Earning Possibilities with Stablecoins. To earn interest on crypto in the form of stablecoins, you can deposit them for various periods. CoinDepo offers higher interest rates to users who keep their stablecoins in the account for longer (e.g. 18.5% APR for 7 days vs. 24% APR for 12 months).

Take a Little Risk and Go for Crypto. There are two reasons to choose popular cryptocurrencies over stablecoins. Besides getting interest profit from CoinDepo, you will also be able to earn crypto from price differences (given that the crypto you chose has a good outlook).


There are a few popular crypto earning opportunities. If you want to get an attractive passive income, you should consider Crypto Compound Interest Accounts and earn crypto online with CoinDepo safely and reliably. CoinDepo not only offers very competitive interest rates (up to 24% APR + compound interest) but also meets the highest security standards, which is valuable when you want to earn crypto with minimal risks.

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