Refer Friends & Earn up to 750 USDC per Referral!

Take part in the CoinDepo multi-tier referral program & invite friends without limits

Earn rewards together with your friends by inviting them to join CoinDepo

Refer Friends

Increase Your Referral Bonuses

As part of the CoinDepo referral program, you can invite an unlimited number of friends. After five referrals, you will start earning a referral bonus increased by 50% for each additional referral.

Immediately after the rewards are credited to your CoinDepo Current Interest Account, you will automatically start earning compound interest, which is paid out daily on the amount of your bonus.

3 Easy Steps to Get Rewarded

  • Refer-A-Friend
    Sign Up

    Your Referred Friend creates CoinDepo Account using your unique referral code. Your friend will also be required to complete Identity Verification if they deposit assets in excess of the equivalent of $500.

  • Refer-A-Friend

    Your Referred Friend deposits any assets that are supported by CoinDepo in the equivalent of $100 or more and maintains this balance at least for 90 days in any of Compound Interest Accounts.

  • Refer-A-Friend
    Referral Payment

    Tier 1 | Balance maintained: $100 - $249
    Payout in USDC: 10 for your referral | 10 for you (15 after five referrals)

    Tier 2 | Balance maintained: $250 - $499
    Payout in USDC: 25 for your referral | 25 for you (37.5 after five referrals)

    Tier 3 | Balance maintained: $500 - $999
    Payout in USDC: 50 for your referral | 50 for you (75 after five referrals)

    Tier 4 | Balance maintained: $1,000 - $4,999
    Payout in USDC: 100 for your referral | 100 for you (150 after five referrals)

    Tier 5 | Balance maintained: $5,000 - $14,999
    Payout in USDC: 300 for your referral | 300 for you (450 after five referrals)

    Tier 6 | Balance maintained: $15,000 or more
    Payout in USDC: 500 for your referral | 500 for you (750 after five referrals)

Why Invite Friends to CoinDepo?

  • Refer-A-Friend

    Unique high-yield earn & borrow products for digital assets

  • Refer-A-Friend

    Legal & regulated institution with 220+ supported jurisdictions

  • Refer-A-Friend

    Industry-leading interest rates for major cryptocurrencies & stablecoins

  • Refer-A-Friend

    Enterprise-grade Multi-layer Security for your assets

  • Refer-A-Friend

    0% fees for any transactions in CoinDepo

  • Refer-A-Friend

    Fully insured assets both in storage & during transfer


CoinDepo | Smart Profit

How to use your referral link to invite more friends to join CoinDepo:

Send to friends via email or direct

Share on social networks

Post it on your personal website

Mention in any crypto video review


Disclaimer: CoinDepo Refer-a-Friend Program is not available to individuals from the U.S. and some other restricted jurisdictions.

For the purposes of the CoinDepo Refer-a-Friend Program, a CoinDepo Account means any type of CoinDepo Compound Interest Account. To participate in the program, the referee (new referred customer) must use a valid referral code when signing up to CoinDepo and transfer at least the equivalent of $100 in any type of supported cryptocurrency or stablecoin. It is the responsibility of the referee to ensure that the correct referral code is applied before the initial deposit to the CoinDepo account. Referees can check if a valid referral code has been applied to their account at after registration.

The tier of the referral program (from 1st to 6th) and the amount of the corresponding referral bonuses are determined based on the referee's CoinDepo Account balance on the date of exceeding the minimum funding threshold (equivalent to $100) at 23:59 UTC. A further increase in the balance does not give the referee the opportunity to move to the next tier and increase the amount of referral bonuses.

The referee must maintain a dollar equivalent balance corresponding to their tier in the referral program in any type of CoinDepo Compound Interest Accounts during the first 90 calendar days after reaching the funding threshold (equivalent to $100), including during times when the price of cryptocurrencies declines. Otherwise neither the referrer nor the referee will be eligible to receive the referral payment.

The referee may transfer funds between their Compound Interest Accounts within the above 90-day period without restriction.

Referral payments are made to both the referrer and the referee the next day after the end of the initial 90-day holding period mentioned above at 14:00 UTC. Referral payments are made in USDC to the USDC Current Compound Interest Account.

For the first 5 friends a customer refers, the referrer will earn up to $500 in USDC per referral and referees will be paid a one-time bonus of up to $500 in USDC. After a referrer has achieved 5 successful referrals to CoinDepo, they will start earning a referral bonus increased by 50% up to $750 in USDC for each subsequent referral. Each new referee will still only earn a one-time bonus of up to $500 in USDC. The amount of bonuses depends on the referee tier in the CoinDepo referral program as described above on this web page in the Referral Payment section.

The CoinDepo Refer-a-Friend Program is subject to change at any time without notice and cannot be combined with other CoinDepo concurrent promotions unless otherwise noted.

CoinDepo reserves the right to pay out referral rewards only to referrals it deems eligible. In the event of a suspected referral fraud, CoinDepo has the right to remove the referrer or referee from the program, void any past and future referral bonus payments, and take any other related action it deems appropriate.

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