First in the World of Digital Assets Instant Crypto Loan without Collateral Account

  • Instant Credit Line

  • Flexible repayment options

  • Negative Effective Annual Rates

  • No origination fees on lending crypto


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CoinDepo Flexible Credit Line
Instead of a Regular Loan

Negative Effective Annual Rates on Your Loans

The main difference between lending crypto via the CoinDepo Instant Credit Line and traditional loans is that you can borrow cryptocurrency or stablecoins an unlimited number of times within your credit limit (50% LTV ) and repay your crypto loan in parts or in full at any time.

There are no paperwork or credit checks. The crypto loan is immediately credited to your CoinDepo Current Compound Interest Account, and you can use it indefinitely.

You can withdraw your crypto loan to any external wallet or spend it with a CoinDepo Crypto Сredit Сard, earning unlimited cryptocurrency cashback up to 8% on every purchase.

The only thing that is required of you is to pay on the 5th day of each month the interest for using the credit line, accrued based on the balance of your loan for the previous month.

Crypto Lending without Depositing Funds into a Collateral Account

The uniqueness of CoinDepo Instant Credit Line lies in the fact that we are the first in the world of digital assets to offer a crypto lending service without a collateral account.

What does this mean for a CoinDepo user? Unlike crypto exchanges and other crypto lending platforms, we do not require the borrower to freeze their assets in a collateral account in order to receive a crypto loan.

On any collateral account, your crypto assets are idle, since you do not earn interest for holding them there. Only at CoinDepo, all your assets that are collateral for a loan, remain in Compound Interest Accounts. So, you continue to earn interest even when you borrow. Learn more

Negative Effective Annual Rates
on Your Crypto Loan

Negative Effective Annual Rates on Your Loans

The Effective Annual Rate (EAR) is the actual cost of a secured crypto loan to a borrower in a year.

In CoinDepo, this is the difference between the amount of interest paid on your crypto loan and the amount of compound interest accrued per year on the collateral held in the CoinDepo Compound Interest Accounts.

No matter how much you borrow, you still continue to earn compound interest on the amount of your CoinDepo portfolio, which is the collateral for your credit line.

Since you cannot borrow more than 50% of the value of your portfolio, your effective annual interest rate on the loan will always be negative. This means you earn during this time more than you pay for using the crypto loan. Learn more

You can choose to borrow one or more asset type(s) from 15 cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. CoinDepo Instant Credit Line is always available to you.

Why Borrow with CoinDepo?

  • CoinDepo

    No collateral account

  • CoinDepo

    Flexible repayment options

  • CoinDepo

    No minimum limit for a crypto loan

  • CoinDepo

    Real-time monitoring of your credit line status

  • CoinDepo

    Interest earned on all your assets even when borrowing

  • CoinDepo

    No credit check & instant approval

  • CoinDepo

    Negative Effective Annual Rates

  • CoinDepo

    No Fees

You Are Protected Even in an Extreme Market Situation

CoinDepo provides you with the tools to monitor the health of your portfolio and credit line during market downturns.

Market Situation
LTV Level Monitoring
Margin Calls
1 65% LTV
2 70% LTV
3 75% LTV

If the value of your portfolio in CoinDepo, which is the collateral for the Credit Line, starts to fall, we will send you notifications and emails encouraging you to partially repay your loan or increase the amount of the portfolio when it reaches the levels of 65%, 70% and 75% LTV.

Liquidation Threshold
4 80% LTV

Liquidation Threshold means the maximum allowed LTV limit (80%). When this limit is reached or exceeded, a portion of your portfolio will be liquidated to repay the loan and accrued interest. To avoid liquidation, you need to repay part of the loan or increase the value of your portfolio before the Liquidation Threshold is reached.


CoinDepo | Smart Profit

Be smart. Borrow instantly without a collateral account if you need more liquidity and keep earning interest on all of your assets.

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