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Earn regular commissions
from the active clients you attract

Partner Program

Regular monthly commissions in USDC equal to 0.5% of your referral’s portfolio with no expiration date.

As long as your invited users have a positive CoinDepo account balance, you continue to earn 0.5% per month of their average monthly balance.

Commissions are paid every 30 days to your USDC Current Compound Interest Account at CoinDepo.

Immediately after the commission is credited to your account, you automatically start earning compound interest, which is paid out daily on the amount of your commission.

Calculate Your Earnings

Earn 0.5% per month

of the average monthly balance of all your invited users

*the total average monthly balance is used
*the duration of the period is not limited
Easy Steps to Become a CoinDepo Partner
  • 1

    Create your private or business CoinDepo Account.

  • 2

    Fill out the affiliate form at the bottom of this page and submit your application - it only takes a few minutes. Once your application is approved, you will receive a unique affiliate link for your audience. You will also have access to our marketing materials and your invited users’ balance tracking panel in your account.

  • 3

    Create content for your audience or invite new customers in any other way convenient for you.

  • 4

    When new active users join CoinDepo using your unique affiliate link, you will receive a monthly commission for each qualified referral with no expiration date.

Who Can Become an Affiliate?

We have no restrictions on who can become a CoinDepo Partner:
Partner Program
  • Private Investors
  • Any Type of Business
  • Introducing Brokers
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Influencers
  • Bloggers & Podcast Hosts
  • Crypto Enthusiasts with a large audience
  • Crypto Media

Individuals or companies, anyone can take part in our affiliate program. Once your application is approved, you can start earning immediately.

Whoever you are, we guarantee you an additional regular income. You can drive traffic through websites, have a strong online presence, or you work with social media accounts, online educational platforms, channels, and other digital media. You can use a strong local presence and personal client network. Our commission plan is suitable for any audience.

CoinDepo Partner Benefits

  • Partner Program

    The more new users you bring to CoinDepo, the more you earn. There is no limit on payouts.

  • Partner Program

    You earn without time limits as long as the invited users have a positive balance in CoinDepo.

  • Partner Program

    You can track your commissions from each of your referrals in your CoinDepo Account.

  • Partner Program

    You get to access partner-only offers and promotions.

  • Partner Program

    You can get support and advice from our Partner Success Manager at any time.

  • Partner Program

    If necessary, we can always provide you with additional marketing resources.

Why Invite to Join CoinDepo?

  • Partner Program

    Unique high-yield earn & borrow products for digital assets

  • Partner Program

    Legal & regulated institution with 220+ supported jurisdictions

  • Partner Program

    Industry-leading interest rates for major cryptocurrencies & stablecoins

  • Partner Program

    Customized investment & lending solutions for large amounts

  • Partner Program

    Enterprise-grade Multi-layer Security for your assets

  • Partner Program

    0% fees for any transactions in CoinDepo

  • Partner Program

    Fully insured assets both in storage & during transfer

  • Partner Program

    Personalized approach & individual support for Business & VIP Clients


CoinDepo | Smart Profit

Be smart. Help your audience join CoinDepo and earn regular, high-yield passive income.

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Disclaimer: CoinDepo Partner Program is not available to individuals from the U.S. and some other restricted jurisdictions. For more details, see CoinDepo Affiliate Terms.

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