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Easy Steps to Become a CoinDepo Ambassador
  • 1

    Create your CoinDepo Account.

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    Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and submit your application, it only takes a few minutes. If your candidacy is approved, you will become a CoinDepo Ambassador and have access to our marketing materials and CoinDepo-branded merchandise.

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    Act as our representative in your country and promote the CoinDepo brand in your language.

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    Receive monthly ambassador rewards and additional performance bonuses to your account if you regularly achieve your goals.

What Does It Mean to Be an Ambassador?

As a CoinDepo Ambassador, you will represent and promote CoinDepo in your country and take an active part in building the local CoinDepo community.


To achieve this goal, you need the following:

  • Have practical knowledge of digital assets and the crypto industry in general.
  • Be an active, highly motivated, and goal-oriented person.
  • Learn quickly and gain new knowledge.
  • Be communicative and have excellent communication skills.
  • Know how to engage your audience.
  • Do not be shy about publicity and be ready to go on stage.
  • Have experience working with entrepreneurs, and private and institutional investors.

What Do Ambassadors Do?

Your responsibilities as a CoinDepo Ambassador include, but are not limited to:
  • Development of local CoinDepo marketing and business relations in your country.
  • Search for and communicate with potential CoinDepo partners and private and institutional clients.
  • Raise awareness about CoinDepo with your audience through regular video reviews, articles, and webinars.
  • Communicate with influencers to promote the CoinDepo brand.
  • Represent CoinDepo at various events.
  • Promote the referral and affiliate programs of CoinDepo.
  • Create content in your language about CoinDepo products and services, including promotion of CoinDepo websites, social media posts and pages, overview and educational videos, guides, blogs, and reviews.
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Why Become a CoinDepo Ambassador?

  • Ambassadors

    Earn generous regular rewards for your activities as a CoinDepo Ambassador.

  • Ambassadors

    Prove yourself and become the official CoinDepo representative in your country.

  • Ambassadors

    If you regularly achieve your goals, your potential income has no limits.

  • Ambassadors

    Receive regular training and support from our Ambassador Success Manager.

  • Ambassadors

    You’ll receive early access to ambassador-only offers, news, and CoinDepo product announcements.

  • Ambassadors

    You will have full access to all our marketing resources and CoinDepo-branded merchandise.

CoinDepo Branded Merchandise


CoinDepo | Smart Profit

Spread the word about CoinDepo in your country and earn a smart profit from your activity.

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Disclaimer: CoinDepo Ambassador Program is not available to individuals from the U.S. and some other restricted jurisdictions.

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