Binance: from 0 to 92 million users. Story of success


Binance: from 0 to 92 million users. Story of success

Binance is the world’s most popular crypto platform, with $76 billion worth of crypto in circulation as of August 2022 and 92 million customers worldwide.

With numbers like this, it can be assumed that it was the first decentralized exchange ever. However, it is not so.

Binance's story started on 14 July 2017, marked by the sale of a large pack of coins worth $15 million. One and a half months later, Binance reached 120k active users and nearly 4k new registrations. Binance has gained a decent ranking in the CoinMarketCap within a short full stop.

Nowadays, it evolved into a financial company with clients in almost every nation, offering an abundance of decentralized products. The namesake website, with numerous options for the sale and purchase of cryptocurrencies, available in big and small quantities for individuals and companies, is their chief focus. Over 500 coins and tokens are available over there. 

The man behind the company

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, an entrepreneur and technological pioneer, is responsible for creating Binance. He founded the company and continues to lead it. As of April 2018 (in under a year), his website reached a record amount of traded crypto by volume. In addition, he took part in the development of and was a leading mind behind OKCoin.

Also, he was ranked third on Forbes Magazine's list of top crypto entrepreneurs in early 2018. Binance's mission is “freedom of money”, which means that the exchange hopes to help anyone and anywhere to easily send money to each other round the world.

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