​​Why CoinDepo is number one on the market?

​​Why CoinDepo

​​Why CoinDepo is number one on the market?

CoinDepo | Smart Profit is a new-age crypto lending platform! You can generate stable passive income at the highest interest rates within the digital asset industry! CoinDepo offers a yield of 12 to 24% per annum and provides instant loans without opening a collateral account!

What are the benefits of joining CoinDepo?

Comparing CoinDepo to the leading competitors, it can rightfully be considered as the # 1 in the digital asset industry:

  • 6 types of Compound Interest Accounts (Learn more)Interest earned is paid daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually at your choice;
  • Greatest interest rates on your digital assets. CoinDepo offers 12 to 18% per annum for cryptocurrencies and 18 to 24% per annum for stablecoins. The interest rate depends on the type of CoinDepo Interest Account you choose;
  • Instant loans with negative Effective Annual Rates (Learn more). CoinDepo doesn't require having a collateral account, subsequently, you still keep earning on your assets when you borrow;
  • 3 layers of security. At CoinDepo, protecting client funds is a top priority, therefore we offer three layers of security: MPC-CMP + Multi-cloud, SGX, and Policy Engine (Learn more);
  • All custodial assets in your CoinDepo Account are fully insured.

Want to learn more about CoinDepo? 

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