Cryptocurrency adoption in Europe has reached a new level


Cryptocurrency adoption in Europe has reached a new level

Cryptocurrency adoption has reached a new level in Europe. According to Chainalysis, Europe has the world's largest crypto economy, collecting $1 trillion the previous year, or 25% of all crypto activity worldwide. Also, it's important to admit that the Central, Northern, and Western regions of Europe (CNWE) have the biggest cryptocurrency economy in the world. "An influx of institutional investment, signaled by large transactions, drove most of the growth, though retail activity also increased. Perhaps most interesting is CNWE's unique status as an international hub in the world cryptocurrency economy," Chainalysis explained.

There were massive increases in the number of large institutional-sized transactions starting in July 2020. The value of crypto transactions grew to $46.3 billion in June 2021 from just $1.4 billion in July 2020. "As the biggest counterparty to every other region, CNWE is a key source of liquidity to cryptocurrency investors around the world. CNWE's biggest trading partner is North America, followed by Eastern Asia, Central & Southern Asia, and Eastern Europe," researchers found.

Based on the foregoing, it should be noted that crypto investment will regularly grow each following year. But it's obvious since "The future of money is digital currency" (Bill Gates)

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