Level up the security with Fireblocks


Level up the security with Fireblocks

Every product is created because of need, Fireblocks is not an exceptionFour big exchanges from South Korea were hacked in 2017 by the Lazarus Group, losing $200M worth of BTC to theft. Employed by the cybersecurity leader Check Point at the time, the would-be founders of Fireblocks were part of the task force investigating the massive cyber breach.

That’s why Fireblocks created a product with top security. This protection is provided by complex tech that incorporates the most recent findings in multi-party computation with secure hardware. That’s why Fireblocks guarantees its customers three levels of protection:

Layer 1: MPC-CMP + Multi-cloud

This layer is designed to address new requirements of the digital asset space. The private key security measures prevent the one topic where insiders and outside hackers agree — because private keys are usually distributed across several pieces of hardware any point in time.

Layer 2: SGX

If the keys are stored in the SGX, it’s impossible to export them even if a virus or a hacker controls the operating system, given that memory and the data in the SGX enclave are isolated.

Layer 3: Policy Engine

The Policy Engine enables to set up of specific approval policies for every transaction. In addition, the Policy Engine allows configuring commands to be responsible for the logic behind operations.

Fireblocks customers are major bank institutions, neobanks, hedge funds, and lending desks. So, of course, CoinDepo is not an exception. 

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