Sparklo (SPRK) and Bitcoin SV (BSV): Two Promising Projects This Year


Sparklo (SPRK) and Bitcoin SV (BSV): Two Promising Projects This Year

As crypto enthusiasts continue to brace for a new bull run this year, there are many new projects that emerge or reemerge with the goal of attracting the attention of new investors. Of them, Sparklo and Bitcoin SV are some of the more promising and interesting startups. 

Sparklo: Definition and Potential

Sparklo is a unique project. It utilizes the still-enduring concept of NFTs and some stablecoin ideas to create a new way of investing in commodities. It’s a platform that allows people to purchase NFTs that represent a portion of the collective ownership of some precious commodity.

It’s superior to the previous iteration of NFTs, which often had no underlying value or utility. This platform allows users to essentially purchase precious metals and hold an asset that proves their ownership. The underlying commodities are real, held by Sparklo to actually provide value to these NFTs.

This approach has several key advantages:

  • Predictable value pegged to a physical asset. It stands in stark contrast to the usual way NFTs and cryptocurrencies operate – without any underlying value at all. It makes Sparklo similar to stablecoins in a way.
  • The platform’s simple nature makes it easier for people to understand its inner workings, which makes it superior to regular market trading.
  • SPRK offers an alternative way for people to invest without joining exchanges or brokerage providers, which gives users more opportunities to pursue their own personal goals.

Sparklo is actually superior to regular crypto market speculation in many ways. It allows individuals to invest in viable assets while staying on the blockchain. It’s immensely advantageous because blockchain offers transparency, excellent security, and fast transaction speeds.

Bitcoin SV (BSV): Scalability and Efficiency

Bitcoin SV is the fork of Bitcoin Cash, which itself is the fork of Bitcoin proper. What it means is: BSV is an independent network built on the foundation of Bitcoin but with countless alterations. The biggest change is the size of blocks, which by now is basically limitless on BSV.

By comparison, the maximum block size on Bitcoin is 2MB, and 32MB on Bitcoin Cash. BSV has no limit on how big these can be. This provides endless scalability to anything built on this blockchain, as well as the lowest transaction costs you can potentially get anywhere.

This is incredibly promising, although there is a looming flaw. The lack of limitations on the block size means decreased security and a potentially higher risk of being hacked. This issue is being addressed. It’s not necessary to build incredibly large blocks, but the threat is still there.


These two have made a lot of noise in the last couple of months, partially in anticipation of the coming Bull Run. Each one is good in its own right, with a lot of promise, unique features, and a powerful mission. Now that you know more about them, it might be easier for you to make the choice.

In short: Sparklo is a unique, lucrative way to invest using crypto, while Bitcoin SV has a lot of potential in the usual sense for cryptocurrencies.

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